Factors Influence Side Effects and Withdrawal in TB patients resistant to Banten Province and West Java. In 2018-2020


  • Cicilia Windiyaningsih, Eneng Nurulaini, Anisa Prihartini, Ignatius Erik Sapta Yanuar


Indonesia has committed to reducing the incidence of tuberculosis cases to 65 per 100,000 population by 2030. Efforts to control Tuberculosis in Indonesia in 2020-2024 are directed at accelerating Indonesia to achieve tuberculosis elimination by 2030, and ending the Tuberculosis epidemic in 2050, but 12-15% of TB treatment was not successful due to treatment drop out, drug side effects family support, motivation, drug-taking supervisor to discontinue TB treatment. The aim of the study to know the factors that have the most role in drug side effects and resulting in the withdrawal of TB patients. The method was a retrospective cohort study, with a sample of 355 drug-resistant TB patients, percentage analysis, chi-square analysis, and multinomial logistic regression. Results showed withdrawal for total sample patients 33.2%, drop-out with side effect 20.8% and without side effects and withdrawal 12.4%. Withdrawal and side effect majority on female, lower education, income less than minimum wage regional, fat distance from health services. there was a treatment monitor, was no supporting family, and there was health staff from the health service. Correlation analysis of side effects, drug withdrawal and causative factors were gender, level of education, employment status, income, distance from home to health facilities, involvement of drug-taking supervisors, and support from health staff. The final analysis that Side effect and drug withdrawal has a positive relationship only education level p 0.007, OR 2.311, 95%CI 1.257-4.251; while the protective factors were a distance from home to health care facilities p 0.001, OR 0.334, 95%CI 0.178-0.626; healthcare support from health staffs p 0.001, OR 0.214, 95%CI 0.085- 0.537; Confounding factors gender, employment status and family support. In conclusion, factors that influence the side effect and drug withdrawal were education, health services distance, health care support, and it was found that sex, working status, family support as confounding factors