About the Journal

Archives of Clinical Trials (ISSN 2768-4598) is a broad-based open access journal that publishes clinical trial reports, clinical trial investigations, trial stages, developments, therapeutics, and the significance of the research.

Journal provides a free to access platform disseminating information on all aspects of clinical trials including design, data collection, methodology, management, quality assurance, legal, ethical, and regulatory aspects of a clinical trial, data auditing methodologies, biostatistics, bioethics, randomized controlled trials, study protocols, statistical analysis, outcomes.

Journal encourages new perspectives on existing research and has a broad coverage of articles from clinical, medical, and health practitioners, students, professionals, and researchers in medical, health science, and pharmaceutical sciences fields as a whole.

The journal follows a strict double-blind peer-review process to provide unbiased recognition of the work. All the articles will be freely available online immediately after acceptance.